As the church grows corporately, small groups help us stay connected to a manageable group of friends to do life with intimately. At New Day Baptist Church, small groups are where burdens are carried together, accountability is increased, and true friendships are created.   

Get Connected

Friendships can only develop so much at a weekend service; small groups are a great way to meet new people!

Grow Together

Small groups often involve simply doing life together. These settings are a perfect place to sharpen and invest in each other.

Dig Deeper

Whether it’s taking a closer look at Sunday’s sermon, a Bible study, or going through a book, small groups allow us to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.


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What is expected of a leader?

Leaders must be members of the church, born again and exhibiting growth in Christ, have a desire to teach others, and to develop leaders from their group. It’s all about multiplication. Leaders developing leaders

Will I be discipled, trained, or invested in?

Yes, the goal is to create an environment where Spirit-driven, life-giving experiences can flourish. Like iron sharpening iron, small group relationships and teachings become the tools for God to use in our character transformation.

Can I invite my non-Christian friends?

Yes, please do! This is a great place for them to interact with people in a smaller setting.

Do I get to choose who is in my small group or am I placed in one?

Both! It’s totally up to you.

Will I need to buy books or pay for curriculum

This varies because each group has the freedom to operate as they see fit. But don’t hesitate to join if finances are a problem – we have resources to cover your needs discreetly! Just let your leader know what you need and we will be happy to help.

Are there age restrictions? Can my child(ren) accompany me?

Each group has its own plan. While children are sometimes permitted at different groups, there is no formal childcare provided. There are currently no small groups for teens other than regular youth group.